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Easy to understand and start. Gameplay is also challenging/difficult. Definitely requires some memorisation and quick fingers for colour swapping (for enemies). The music goes well with it. Maybe a small visual cue(on yellow and green) when it is near an enemy would help as well in addition to the sound.

Very very interesting. Pretty easy to understand and control. I really like how it even gives a sound effect when you're spotted by an enemy so you have some way to gauge the environment. I think it's a bit too difficult since you can't see the walls and the enemies at the same time. You can probably make the walls (yellow) visible on other colours so you can see where you're going or make the enemies more easy to avoid by making its movement more predictable. Either way, this is a pretty interesting take on the Game Jam theme, and I really like it.

I absolutely love it. It's incredibly difficult but so much fun. Well done!

Cool idea, very fun and simple! I love it :)

Good solution for one color idea

This is super cool! We were tossing around a similar idea, but abandoned it and I am glad we did because you took it in a much more interesting direction! Can't wait to see the final result!

Super difficult