Press and aim with Left mouse button, release to shoot your only arrow

Movement : Arrow keys / WASD 

Rotate Map: Q&E / left&right mouse button(after shooting arrow)

Manipulate the map the bounce your arrow to shoot as many enemy as possible

Avoid enemies and your own arrow. 

Have Fun


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This is great. Scored 535.

try to beat the boss :D

Greatidea and execution!

I think that while the concept is fun, I think that as a game it could use more of system of progression. I would also make sure to put black  or some color indicator on the border so the player can see where the arrow will bounce.

Really fun idea ! The only issue I see is the bugs that occur but apart from that it's an exelent idea


sometimes the arrow just bugs away, but a fun idea, even though one weapon, one button, one shot have all been done before a million times

Great idea, make some art and few more levels, maby diffrent enemies and release the mobile version and You can easily get many people play it. But there are 2 things that I didn't like, first of all, the white background was near white website and I couldn't see where the arrow will bounce, but that's not a big deal. The second, more important thing is, when you stand in the lower right corner, there is a really small chance that anything will hit you. I've got over 500 points just standing there and doing nothing. But still, Great job!

I really liked the idea! Honestly with just a very tiny bit of extra work (a little bit of polish, and maybe a score system based on how long you survived as well as the already existing system) I can imagine this being a really, really addicting game. Good job!

However I can't help but notice the game's called "one bullet v2" but I can't find v1 in your profile... Honestly just a minor nitpick tho :)

oh , the v1 was just one bullet flying around (the game plays itself cuz u cant "die")

Oh, cool! Thanks for explaining :)

Really good idea. I had fun playing it. :D

Okay this is cool and fun. I would have probably given it a top rating just for creativity if there was also a way to lose.

My bullet clipped through a corner. Fun game though once I discovered I could control it :P

Whilst being a bit simplistic, this was actually really fun to play! There are things to work on in the future such as a win condition, but it's enjoyable


Yah is just a quick putting things tgt after "stealing" the idea of only having one bullet XD . was thinking about whole thing being a small maze with a few walls (to bounce  bullet) , a player control character (to shoot the 1 bullet , and follow with dodging enemy and bullets) . perhaps a end game boss after a certain score or etc.